Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to school time is here!!!

WOW! Life got pretty busy and I haven't been on here in forever! When I was a kid, this was my LEAST favorite time of the year. I didn't enjoy school and dreaded the end of August. Now that I am homeschooling Ruth, I am actually looking forward to it!
Ruth had her 4 yr checkup today. she is 44 1/2 inches tall and weighs 52.6 lbs. She grew 4 inches this past year and only gained 2 lbs. Not bad!! We have started preschool at home and she is doing SOOO amazing at learning to read. By Christmas she should be at a 1st grade level. I LOVE this book! I am trying to implement more into her curriculum, so we have been learning numbers more (she has up to 12 down, cant seen to do 13-20) and math (she LOVES to subtract) as well as doing puzzles, coloring/drawing, but I know she can do and is wanting to do more. I REALLY need to get into crafts with her. Even if it we just do 1 a week, because she is more creative than I am. I have been looking online for ideas and there are some really easy ones out there. Maybe I will post some in the next few weeks. Any ideas for her age to do out there? I would LOVE suggestions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Albert Einstein was a very smart man. I have seen quite a few quotes from him recently that I have LOVED, but I forget to write them down, so I thought I would post this one so I can remember it. I am teaching Ruth to read out of a book called "teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons." it is going great! I am actually really excited about starting her schooling a little early so we can do it slowly and only for 30 minutes a day so far. It will help if she can read before we start an actual curriculum so I am thankful a friend came across this book for me.