Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Complements Help SO Much!

SO, Alex woke up to eat at 6am, and I decided to run get a few groceries since I was out of milk and bread. I RAN thru HyVee and got baby food while I was there too. I get to the register and there is only 1 lane open and I think this should be fast and easy and I can get home. My knee and back were sore from working in the yard the last 2 days and I wanted to put my braces on, I felt gross since I didn't even take time to brush my teeth and I was ready for breakfast. The checker was a guy that works the overnight shift and at first he was quiet and just ran my items thru. Then he asked "So, how olds your baby?" I started talking about Alex and all my kids, and just chatting. He proceeds to tell me I look great after having so many kids so close, and said "I can see why your husband married you, you have a great personality." I was flattered and laughing since he was obviously tired and couldn't see straight since I had only rolled out of bed and put clothes on. No makeup, didn't even look in the mirror at my hair. ;) I KNOW I am beautiful, but no one rolls out of bed looking that great. And to top it all off, a $4 register store coupon popped out for all the baby food I bought! Now THAT really made my day! Flattery rarely gets you anywhere with me, but free money? Works every time! On to a great day! ;)

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  1. How wonderful! I know exactly what you mean!! Its nice to know I still have some attractiveness when I'm covered in spit-up and my hair's all crazy!