Sunday, October 2, 2011

I. LOVE. Fall!!!

Ahh, Fall. Autumn. Harvest Season. I LOVE it! The leaves really turned their bright colors this weekend. I hope to take the kids on a walk and collect the different colored leaves and make a project this week. We even collected the tiny acorns our Pin Oak has been dropping to glue to our project. We will be getting pumpkins to paint as well. Fall inspires me so much more than any other season. I would paint a room the bright red color of the maple leaf if my husband would let me. Another one orange. Another yellow. But, maybe I will settle for a picture of the leaves to hang on the wall and start small. Just in case I change my mind like normal. ;)
I am venturing outside of my comfort zone this fine season to make more friends. Yes, I have friends, but they are more casual than I need. I need more close friends that I can turn to for help and support, and that can and will turn to me to help and support them. I want to really be there for more people. My husband is a HUGE social person and thrives off of interaction with others. I want friends I can invite over for supper and that will stay for hours having a good time. Friends to go on double dates with. To have play dates with each others kids. I am praying God will show me who these new friends (or old friends I am not taking advantage of) will be. And that I will step out of my shell and really get to know people this year. ;)
Ok, enough babble. Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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  1. Love reading your blog! Let me know how the friend thing goes, I need to learn how too! ;)