Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What is that sticky spill from???

If any of you know my mom, you know she is an excellent cleaner. She knows what product to use on what spill, stain, dust, etc. I aspire to be like my mother. I am nowhere near there yet. I know I have 4 great and adorable excuses for the way my house is. I know my back has been bad for years. I know toys have overtaken almost everyones houses that have kids. But I don't want a messy house. I don't want toys everywhere, crumbs underfoot no matter how many times I sweep, laundry piling up, and spills discovered every time I turn around. I appreciate my children and would live this way the rest of my life to keep them, but I am talking about changing me. I want to have a cleaning schedule and actually follow it. ;) I am a procrastinator to the extreme. I put things off until tomorrow, next week, next summer... ;) I have been seeing quotes that have been encouraging to me recently and I am trying to adapt to them as I make my lists of "to do".  I have many goals I want to do and not just try, not start, but to complete in the next month. If I can pull my final reasonable, achievable, realistic list I will post it soon. That is, if I don't procrastinate and then give up... JUST KIDDING!! ;)

"The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it."
"Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don't want to."
"You can do anything, but not everything."
"if you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done."
"There is no such thing as being too busy. If you really want something, you'll make time for it."

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