Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leaves, Walnuts and Pizza

The kids and I started cutting down all the plants, weeds and trees that have taken up residence in our yard this summer while my back was so bad yesterday when my hubby called and asked if we wanted to go with him to help at his great grandpas house with leaves. I said sure!!! So we loaded up all our rakes, leave blower, and other tools I had been using and headed over. Keith told the kids if they picked up a 5 gal bucket of walnuts he would give them a special treat. They were so excited they filled the 5 gal bucket in 20 minutes. Then they filled some 1 gal buckets around 5 times, and I filled the 5 gal bucket 4x. So, in all we picked up around 30 gallons of walnuts and only made a small dent. YIKES! I am giving the kids a break from picking them up again today and we will focus on our yard again, but I am thinking we will go back again 1 evening this week and pick up 30 more gallons to try and help out. Oh, and the pizza part? after we had worked for 2 hours Keith's parents bought us pizza to thank us for helping. ;) I would work every night to not have to cook supper! ;)

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