Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kids Pictures Made in July.

How could I forget to show off my kids pictures?
 Ruth turned 4 this year. She is such a big girl! We started homeschooling preschool this year and she is learning to read. She also started AWANAS at our church, and will be starting tumbling at our local Rec Center.
 KJ is my big boy. He turned 2 in June, and his vocabulary is building everyday as he gains confidence. He is so loving, as you will see a few pics below.
 Kelly. Oh my little Kelly. She also turned 2 in June, and she NEVER stops talking. ;) She has her Mommies attitude and isn't afraid to show it. She may be strong willed, but she is my little shy, bashful Kelly.
 Alex!!! He is now 8 months old!! He is seriously such a good baby. He only eats once a night now, and sleeps from 7pm to at least 7am. He plays fine on the floor alone and lets mommy get things accomplished during the day. Yay!!!
 Here are my loving twins together. The photographer snapped this unprompted moment just in time. Kelly was crying within seconds. :)

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