Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Day!!!

Today was SO SO SOOO much fun!! It started with Ruth, Alex and I going to the CF farmers market, hitting a garage sale and picking up a Step 2 slide, then during rest time teaching Ruth lesson 6 of learning to read (and she LOVES it by the way, she even sounded out her first word unprompted, "ME")  and when the twins woke up we took off and drove around, went to see Keith's dad, went to the park and played, and went to supper with my mom/dad in law. We were all so worn out that I don't even want to get off the couch! It was a truly blessed day. Even though Keith had to work part of the day and will be working all evening and into the night, it was still fun to spend what time we had with him.
He and I stayed up talking until midnight last night and the kids were up A LOT due to falling out of bed and colds, but I had such a good evening with Keith that it didn't bother me to get up at 6:30am with the baby. Isn't it funny that when we are enjoying life we have a more positive outlook and things don't get to us as easily? If Keith and I didn't have such a wonderful evening, I am sure I would have woke up grouchy and started my day of little sleep with a poor attitude. I think I need to pray more about remembering to enjoy the small things in life. ;)

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