Friday, July 15, 2011

Its Friday!!!

My hubby comes home today!!! Know what that means? I can put Alex to bed tonight and leave the house if I want to!!! ;) Its the small things in life that make me happy. Will I go anywhere? Probably not. But, I have the option. Then he can listen to them play in bed for 2 hours and I can pretend they went to bed like the little angels that they used to be. I REALLY want a date night with the hubs, but we may have to wait a couple more weeks for our schedules to allow it and my back to be ready. Its ok, at least he will be back home. We kind of miss that guy. ;)
Kelly made a discovery yesterday. She found out that mommy keeps all the snacks in the house in a drawer. One that she can reach and open. She didn't realize that that drawer squeaks when its opened and that mommy has excellent hearing (sometimes) and knows when she opens it. I caught her with a tootsie roll in her mouth last night, still in the wrapper and half chewed up. Hope it doesnt hurt as it passes thru! I could have made her spit it out, but it WAS cute after all and I did clean out the now empty drawer this morning after she opened it and found a full PEZ dispenser....

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