Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wasting Money

My hubby and I have been discussing ways to cut back to be able to pay more on our mortgage every month. The first time was to not go out to eat as much, which includes Sunday lunches with the family. We spend an average of $20-$30 every Sunday. Thats $80-$120 towards the mortgage. And that is just 4 days a month! The kids and I have a tendency to eat out 1x a week, so about $10 more x4 weeks. Keith goes out at least 2x a week, so $6 each time, or $48. Keith and I tend to get our supper out in the evening at least 1x a week, and its usually Pablos, so $17 x4 weeks $68 per month. Going out to eat is expensive!!! Add up all that Ive mentioned and it equals over $250 we can redirect to the mortgage payment!!!!! INSANE!!!
that being said, the kids and I played outside in the water last night, and I insisted I turn the water off myself. Guess who picked up the yard and forgot to turn the hose off for 12 hours? Think how high the water bill will be this month?

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