Thursday, July 21, 2011

We are perfect alright.....

Perfectly sick!!! My hubby went to Seattle last week and came home with a head cold. Then, he passed it to the kids (as I wouldn't go near him) and they passed it to me. :) Now, I passed it to our poor baby. Its his first sickness, and he is only 5 1/2 months old. I have missed 2 back treatments this week mainly due to my cold. You know the kind, where you will be sitting there and suddenly drip, drip, drip! You think, "Where did that come from?" Your neck hurts, your head hurts, your eyes are going to swell shut. And worst of all with me, my attitude changes. I get short tempered. I have 0 patience. I just want to close my eyes, not respond to "look mommy!!!" one more time. SO, with sickness comes LOTS of prayers that I don't hurt their feelings or make them think I don't like them or don't want to see what they are so proud of doing. So I will take a deep breath (HA!) and continue my day (hack, hack) and be thankful that nap time is actually happening today. (Reason I didn't blog yesterday) Bedtime is only 5 hours away... :)

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