Thursday, July 14, 2011

What one may consider a gloomy morning in July...

I LOVED today's weather!!! very cloudy, low humidity and a cool breeze. The reason? I took the kids to see my nephews last T-ball game of the season. It meant no sunglasses, no sun block, and no sweating on my part. ;) We had such a good time and my back did very well sitting on the bleacher, even when I had to nurse Alex. yeah!!!! A HUGE PTL!! What is wrong with my back you may ask. Well, where to begin. ;)
When I was a freshman in High School, I had bad low back pain. my mom took me to see the Dr, he ordered an MRI and we found out I had a bulged L5-S1 disc and the entire lumbar region of my back didn't bend. I went thru physical therapy and kept living my life with the help of an occasional Aleve. In college I decided to major in Horticulture and LOVED the physical work of the construction side. I tried to keep up with the men I worked with (I failed miserably) and ignored my back pain daily. The November before I got married I got a job working in a mail room of a bank (winter = no job for most landscapers). Well, those bags and boxes of mail are HEAVY. One day I picked a bag up and "pop" went my back. I attempted to keep working for a few months but the pain got too bad. Had another MRI done and confirmed I had a bulged L3-L4 and L4-L5 and a severely herniated L5-S1. I had a steroid shot done and it lasted long enough for me to take a good nap. I suffered for over a year staying in bed a LOT and couldn't work until 1 day I got out of bed and felt another "pop" and had the worst pain of my life for over 2 months. I couldn't lay, stand, sit or move in a good spot. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was 10 at all times. Then I saw a commercial for the DRX-9000 machine.
 Sounds high and mighty doesn't it? I saw commercial after commercial advertising this treatment for a week and finally called about it. I went to stay at my sister Carla's house for over a month and she took me to my daily treatments. I had improvement!!! I felt better enough to get to go back home and heal. Within a year my back felt better than it had in years and we started having children. With Ruth it got even better. Then the twins gave it a good punch, but I bounced back with just some daily pain. Then came our little surprise Alex. The whole pregnancy I had severe sciatic pain to my toes in my left leg. I couldn't stand up straight. I thought it was just due to being pregnant and kept pushing. On my 29th birthday, I rolled over in bed excited to start the day when I felt a big "pop." Oh. No. Not again. I got out of bed in the worst pain of my life. I didn't know what to do. I had 4 children, with one being only 3 months old and I could not move. My husband was leaving town for a week that night for work and couldn't cancel. I cancelled my birthday party and stayed in bed all day. The pain grew and grew. My mother in law took 2 of my kids the next day to help, but by the end of the day I was in the ER getting a shot for the pain, and a prescription for Vicodin. This story could go on and on, but within 2 weeks I found the DRX-9000 machine here in our town and started treatments again. 33 treatments later (2x the normal amount) I am doing better than I have in over a year and am doing rehabilitation 4x a week to attempt to correct the miss-curve in my spine. PTL!!!!!
God is using this experience to draw me closer to Him and teaching me to lean on Him completely to get thru everyday. I couldn't keep a positive attitude or outlook on life without Him. I know He will not give me more than I can handle, and I am also learning to ask for help or accept help when it is offered to me. God is so GOOD!!!

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